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Tactical/Outdoor Hygiene Kits from United Spirit of America

Designed for the US military and tested in the most harsh conditions on earth. Now loved by hunters, campers fisherman, mission trip organizers, and emergency response and relief agencies agencies worldwide; Red Cross, FEMA, UN.

Hygiene Products Designed & Tested for Outdoor Use Under Extreme Conditions.

We set out a series of conditions to make our products:

They have to be innovative enough to perform better yet standard enough so anybody could use them:

Our products must be multi-function and multipurpose

Designed and tested for Outdoor use under the most extreme conditions

Unscented, tactical, and waterless features

TSA compliant for easy transport

Our products must provide and edge to the end user

Light carry-on ready and easy to use

Cover all the essentials for hygiene and illness prevention

100% made in USA and affordable.

After years of investment, fine tuning and painstaking elimination we came out with the best products that can be made for our warriors.

BULK Order Pricing Available: contact Don @

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