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R.A.T.S Tourniquet

This is what we have in our personal med bags. Easy to apply when it counts; under pressure.

RATS is a fast, simple, inexpensive, lifesaving tool that any first-responder, and remember you are your own first responder, should have at his or her disposal to halt the loss of blood. Its simple design, which utilizes successive wraps to achieve the right width for good compression, makes RATS faster than a standard-issue tourniquet, and speed equates to life when dealing with blood loss. It can even be applied with one hand.

The R.A.T.S-T was highlighted in Surefire Combat Tactics Magazine Summer 2014, page 10:

         “The RATS Tourniquet ... can be safely and effectively applied to either an arm or leg to control major life-threatening hemorrhaging. Constructed of 1.5″ nylon and paired with cobra buckle, this is the belt you should be wearing when you leave the house in the morning."